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Head Photographer & Owner

My name is Rhianna King. I have been a photographer for thirteen years. I started my career with The Picture People, then moved to photograph weddings with Lifelong Studios. Now I have branched off on my own to create a business that I love.  I have a degree in photography from the International Academy of Design and Technology. I am many things. I am a wife, a mother, a coach, a friend..But most of all I am a people person. I love people- no matter the age, size or color.. I love people and I love capturing the special moments in life. I believe everyone deserves world-class photography and it is my goal to deliver that. I shoot everything, from weddings, engagements, maternity, couples, families and children.  I work side by side with my wonderful husband and we are excited to work with you all. 

The Behind the Scenes

Craig is the one who encouraged me to branch off on my own. We’re the perfect team. He handles the business; which allows me to focus on what I love. He has honed his business and people skills through attending college to complete a Master’s in Business Administration and working as an insurance adjuster. He is charismatic, outgoing, and believes in having fun with his work. He is a highly motivated and passionate man, which makes him great business owner, but an even better father and husband. Craig is also our new videographer for weddings! We both look forward to working with you very soon!

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